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Mexican Cervesa + Lime at 2 weeks ferment - Questions


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Hey All,


Just got a few questions, Ive been fermenting a Mexican Cervesa at 14-18c for 2 weeks, and checked it for the first time today, it tastes fine a little week but nothing bad, however the look is a bit weird for 2 weeks.


The Beer is still very very cloudy, and there seem to be a lot of particles in the beer, Not the lime rinds either. I thought at this low temp and this amount of time, the beer would have cleared off alot.


Any ideas, I gave it a bit of movement and put it away for another week, but and ideas?



Coopers Mexican Cervesa

2 lime rinds

2 lime juices

1 x BE2

200G Dex

Cascade Hops






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Does it smell and taste OK? What is the SG currently, and what was the OG?

They are much more important than how it looks.

You are fermenting in the lowest temp range US 05 is comfortable in, so following the hydrometer readings will be important, and if they don't drop you may need to warm things up a few degrees.





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Cheers for the quick replies


OG: 1046

SG: 1011


It appears the fermentation is complete, but its the cloudiness and partilces that im concerned about.


The green area is actually the Cascade Finishing Hops, and the lime was sanitized and then soaked in boiling hot water.


It tasts fine, but very plain and no bad smells.

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