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Blushing Blonde


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Hey guys, just looking for peoples opinions on "Blushing Blonde" I'm tempted to give it a go....I finally tracked down a Canadian Blonde kit here in New Zealand and done want to waste it if the brew is not nice...wondering what the final brew comes out like.....


What types of berries have people added....Im thinking about Boysenberry (my partner's favourite - might get her drinkin beer for a change) but wondered if it would "bitter" the beer a bit with their "tartness"


An info appreciated...


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I just opened a bottle tonight its 3 weeks old i brewed it for the mrs to she seems to think its ok but i dont go much on it. i used raspberries made to recipe with a teabag of sazz hops. you can realy taste the rasberries its just not my tye of beer. give it a go and tell me what you think

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