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Hi Barry.


You can find advice on 'Is my brew fermenting' in the FAQ's:

Is my brew fermenting?


Also, the yeast that comes with the Euro Lager is a true lager yeast. As per the instructions, you should brew it at 15 degrees or a bit lower. If you brew it at Ale temps like 23 deg the result could be poor.


You can read a bit more about brewing with the Euro lager here:

Green Neck Lager

Good luck with it



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Wow! A lot of Lager queries of late!

Are they coming from our Northern Hemisphere mates? Too warm down here unless you are lucky enough to have a fermentation fridge.


That kit's yeast is a slow fermenter. I would drop the temp to as close as 15C as you can. take an SG, wait a few days and take another to see if the yeast is active.

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