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PET Bottles

Rob (Guinness Man)

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Hello All,

I've brewed a few brews many years ago and want to get stuck into a good Coopers brew. I don't have any equipment anymore so I'm thinking of getting the Coopers Kit. Only thing I see a little different are the plastic PET bottles?


Is plastic good for brewing or is glass better? Does it affect taste? I'm not a plastic fan for things. I guess no more exploding problems with plastic.


I remember raiding a few bottle banks many years back to get the good king brown bottles. [biggrin]




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The PET bottles are great - I always use a combo of plastic and glass. As long as you pour it in a glass to drink it you will not be able to taste any difference between glass & PET. They may lose some carbonation after a couple of years so if you are doing any long term cellaring you may want to bottle in glass.


The difference in taste that people detect from plastic and cans is actually a smell thing. This component is removed if you pour it into a glass [rightful]

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