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Toucan Stout and Commercial Yeast

Matty A

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Hi guys,


Just wanting to put another toucan stout on and was thinking about using the commercial yeast. Do I need to use the yeast out of the stout bottles or am i able to use the pale ale that I recently bought.


Also am I then able to do the same thing with my home brew and reuse the yeast again in another brew.


Thanks guys.

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A couple of things went wrong while trying to get my yeast ready [annoyed].

First thing was I recanted all ofthe beer, and put the dextrose and water into the mostly empty stubbies. Now this is where it went wrong.


I didn't have any glad wrap because the misses used the last of it. I thought that's ok I'll cap it and when I pick up some gladwrap in the morning I will then swap it over. I forgot to pick up some glad wrap and forgot to degass the bottles. I think we all know where this is going, I went and when I seen the container I had put them in, it only had shards of glass and yeasty water.


What a start, I hadn't even had the beer in the fermenter before I had a bottle bomb [lol] . Never mind I am starting again tonight with 3 longnecks of Pale Ale.

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