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Australian Pale Ale - Down last night


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Well had one of the Lager's which was my first brew last night, and almost ready to go, still a tad yeasty, and the Wife's alcoholic Ginger Beer is still fermenting after 13 days :/


Anyway so last night I put down a new batch I cannot wait to get into, Australian Pale Ale


Australian Pale Ale Can


12gms Cascade Hops at brew

12gms Cascade Hops at 3 days ferment

English Ale Yeast - s04





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I cracked open my Australian Pale Ale (my first homebrew) today... boy was it good! Maybe I'm just a little biased because I made it! [biggrin]

Your beer will most certainly taste better with the hops and specific yeast!

Here is a picture of my first homebrew, only a week and a half after bottling, but I couldn't wait any longer!




Good luck with the brew!

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Hi DaleB

Im not as good looking as Paul Nor do i know as much as him about brewing but i may be able to help you!?

To strat with, did you take a reading before putting in the yeast? If so what was the reading? If you did take a reading, Take another now, If it is diffrent, this would be because your brew is fermenting! :) If its the same....then maybe your yeast was stuffed!? And Paul would be the one to ask for advice! :) Hope it all goes well for you mate!

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Ive posted on another forum I use aswell, but the OG was 1036 and now the SG is 1010.


Cut from other post.




So i tested the Beer today and also had a taste. A few things.


1. It tastes and smells fine ( A little maybe wine smell), however when I first used the tap there was alot of sediment that came out of the tap in a clunk, after i discarded the first sample I took another to half fill the hydrometer and the Beer was a nice colour but had a heap of floating white bits kind of like yeast in the brew.


2. The lip above the tap on the fermenter that you can see above (looks like a line above the tap) as formed quite a large amount of yeast on there, or a whitish substance. (If I keep this there, it will almost certainly fall into each bottle when I try and bottle the brew, if it is still there, Do I leave it, or sterilize a spoon and stir it off?)


3. The OG was 1036, and today after 5 days its 1004 - fermented at 24c


4. I tasted the brew and it seemed fine, apart from the particles in the brew however I feel like I have some of those particles stuck on my tongue, wondering if that is yeast just waiting to clear up?


Sorry for such a large post, but hoping some of the more knowledgeable folk can help me out

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If Im correct, APA has a blend of ale and lager yeast, that might explain fermentation the way it went down.


as for the pic - brew looks really good. I would keep it for mebbe 10 days top and then bottle. Its light, so I presume after 4 days gravity wont change, but the extra time in fermenter will allow beer to clear and mature a bit and will taste good sooner after bottling.

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It looks like it has just about finished.


S-04 is known for fast fermentation and strong sedimentation. 24C is on the upper end of the manufacturer's recommended fermentation temperature range for this yeast. [biggrin]


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