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Made a cooler based on the old \u201cDrip Safe\u201d method.

I bought 2 M of mesh, mesh size 75mm x 50mm x 900mm high.

Cut it down to 450mm high, rolled it into a 400mm cylinder, used off-cuts to wire on a top. Covered it with towel. The fermenter sits in a dish of water and the cage with towel attached is lowered over the fermenter. The towel dangles in the water, causing the towel to constantly draw water up from the dish as the water in the towel evaporates. It is running at 20C even with no fan blowing on it. Cheap to run!

I have a cellar where I leave the door open all the time and we get good a breezes coming through the doorway so I don\u2019t need a fan.

If anybody makes one and they do not have a breeze then a 4in computer fan would suffice to aide with evaporation.


It works simply on the loss of heat through evaporation. Today here in Manly the Temp was around 28C but this held a steady 19 at one stage then went to 20C late in the day.[lol]



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