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Toucan Draught Original Series


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Hi all i have never done a Toucan Draught before so in the next few days i will start this brew.


Some questions:

1. Should i use both yeast packs included?

2. I usually rehydrate the yeast before pitching should i rehydrate both if i use both or just one pack and use the other dry?

3. Should i just use both cans and nothing else ie brew enhancers?


And last any idea what the SG would be? Hazarding a guess 1060?



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Use both sachets. If you are in the habit of hydrating your yeast, no reason to change.


Just the 2 cans will do the trick. One can in 23 litres gives an OG of around 1022 - 1024, so two should give 1048 'ish.


You may want to add some late/dry hop.

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I started this brew just earlier rehydrated both packs of yeast.


I added 300gms of Newcastle brown ale malt mix i got from the homebrew shop. This has some hops added. But i didn't add any myself as i couldn't get any today.


As PB stated a few posts ago this brew read OG 1048 exact, i thought it would read a little higher.


May dry hop later on.

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