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How long do I have to bottle.


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At the risk of looking stupid for the second time this week I have searched the forum and google and can not find the answer to my query.


My brew is taking longer than I assumed partly due to a dodgy electronic themometer that I stuffed down the side of the quilt wrapped around the barrel (thinking if would be ok in 4/5 days). No problems but I am heading out on my boat from Wed night until Friday which is when I think the air lock will stop burping. (Sorry just had to put that in). My starting SG last wed was 1042 and today it is 1014 and my hydrometer reads 2 high.


My question is. How many days after getting the same SG reading 2 days in a row do you have to bottle the brew. So what I am thinking is; if I get a reading of 1010 on Wed before leaving and assuming that I would get the same reading if I was home on Thursday, can I bottle on fri or sat.


Appreciate that this is brewing 101 for a lot of you but I have no idea.

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