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Another Cider!


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Had a great old time with my strawberry/apple/lime combo I mixed up a few months ago, see other thread for the recipe. So being unsure about what fruits to use for a new cider recipe, the partner was eating a fruit salad with the available fruits in the house... Apple, Orange, Kiwi fruit.


So without wasting time, I was into the brewlab.. and this is what I came out with.


I use a Juicepresso Cold Press Juicer.


Orange/Apple/Kiwi Cider

14 Kiwi Fruit

1.2kg Pink Lady Apples

5 Oranges

1x Blackrock Apple Cider Can + Yeast

1x 2L Golden Circle Apple Juice

900g Dextrose

Initial Sg was upwards of 1048..


It was in the keg for just over 2 weeks before it was sitting steady.. - Forgot to write down final SG *forehead slap*


Anyway, I put this one down 3 or 4 moons ago, had a taste at about 6 weeks after bottling and it tasted a bit green. Tasted again last weekend, and well... There isn't much left. Bottled 23l and I think I have about 6-7 longnecks left... Bugger. Time to make another I suppose. It was just so full of flavour and depth!

Anyway, let me know thoughts/opinions etc!


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