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leffe clone?


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hey all.


anyone got any idea's how to make a reasonable leffe clone using coopers kits and malt extracts?


I'm still quite the newb at this (on my 5th or so brew) and am only confident with chucking stuff in the FV and letting it do it's thing, not confident with bagged hops or boiling stuff at certain degrees for so long and all that jazz.


If I can buy it and chuck it in the pot and make a reasonable copy that would be spot on.


alternatively, newb followable instructions should be doable.


many thanks.



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Since Leffe make a dozen or so beers that are very different your going to have to be more specific :)


You will need to use a specialist yeast (White labs or Wyeast) and you will need to steep some grains to pull off an attempt at a decent Belgium.....of course thats my opinion and some people do use Safale T58 but Ive never had great results from it


A good recipe similar to a Leffe Radieuse would go something like:


1 can Coopers European lager

1 can Coopers Light malt extract

500g Coopers dry malt extract

500g light candi sugar (make this yourself, see youtube)

200g Caramunich grain - steeped

200g Cara-aroma - Steeped

200g Special 'B' - Steeped

2 Litre starter of WLP530 or Wyeast 3787


Brew it at about 20\xb0....Its all about the yeast!


I personally would get a few brews down using starters and spec grains before attempting a Belgium but its not that complicated

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