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Hopping Mexican Cerveza


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I don't brew kits much these days but I picked up a can of cerveza the other day for when I am feeling really lazy. I have brewed the cerveza a coupleof times before and had some pretty good results.


I have read somewhere that some brewers have added some american hops (chinook, cascade etc) to this kit for something a little different with good results.


I am thinking of adding say 15g of chinook @ 5 mins when I brew this, has anyone else done something similar?



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Hey Paul,


My other half asked me to do a Corona style beer for her and on reading various websites and browsing this site I decided to do no hop additions as I wanted to keep the flavour pretty light.

However a lot of people do add cascade hops as they have some citrus flavour apparently. Next time I reckon I'll give these a go.


I used :

Cerveza Can

1KG Dextrose

500g Rice Malt

Saflager w-34/70 Yeast

Dry Enzyme


I brewed with a lager yeast, racked to a secondary and am currently lagering in my beer fridge. I'll probably leave it about 4-6 weeks before bottling.

Does anyone have any advice on how long and what temp to lager???

Tasting some out of the primary it seemed pretty good and more flavoursome than a corona, so we will see how it goes.


Cheers mate.



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last time I knocked one of these up I didn't add hops but I added some lemon myrtle (2 teaspoons in about 250 ml of water for 5 mins). My wife who is not a beer drinker decided to try it the other day and commented on how refreshing it was...

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just done a cerveza can for my first brew with just 1 kg of dextrose and found it to be quite flavourless deffinately needs something added to it maybe some spray malt or brew enhancer as oppose to just dextrose

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