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Morgan's Ginger Beer


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Hi all,


I've also thrown on a Morgan's Ginger Beer - just kept it pretty stock-standard.


1 X tin Morgan's GB

2kg raw sugar

Stir in nutrient and yeast


Upon mixing it smelled nice and bitey, very gingery and not too sweet...Anyone experienced any success with the Morgan's? I decided to go with in instead of the Coopers GB...


Cheers and (ginger) beers,


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I have used Morgan's Ginger Beer a couple of times and had no complaints as yet. The kids love it (the 0% stuff of course!!!), they usually help me make it.


The strong aroma of ginger is refreshing amongst beery odours.




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Cheers Wal. Glad to hear the kids like it. You should make a 'special' batch for yourself [bandit]


If it tastes as good as it smells, it'll be gold. I'm thinking tall glass, over ice, perhaps with a spritz of freshly squeezed lime.



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