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Abbot Ale


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I love Abbot Ale and so does my mate's wife. We import it in cans and pay thru the nose for it (around $100/case).

We have tried to replicate this many times (All Grain, Extract & Kits and Bits), producing some really nice Ales but not close enough to Abbot to claim success. We call those Abbot Style Ales[wink]


As the link that Kearnage points out, the mystery lies in the yeast, also in the water treatment (should not really affect an extract brew, though). Other things to consider are ferment temps and process.


The malt and hop bill is fairly innocuous. Start with the recipe link he posted, maybe half batches and try different yeasts (I tried one with Cooper's re-cultured yeast and was pleasantly surprised).


If it is a Tony Abbot Ale you wish to make, add a ton of Bullshit strained thru budgie smugglers and have it blessed by the Pope

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