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Water Filter Catastrophic Failure

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Luckily for me I was actually in my beer shed when this failure occurred, and I have a ball valve isolation point just meters away and easily accessible.   It went off with a mighty bang and sprayed water all over the place, as the bottom of the bowl almost came right off just above the O-ring.  Had it happened when I was absent, the damage would have been severe, and the loss of valuable tank (rain) water could have been significant.  The filter housing is a standard 10" x 2.5" by Pure Tec, model FP10C, which is rated to 900 kPa.  My Grundfos pump delivers at maximum pressure of 6 Bar or 620 kPa (90 psi), well within the working range.

I only use the filtered water to make product with a separate direct to tap supply for washing, etc.  I think I'll put a PLV / PRV on the inlet side of the replacement.  Does anybody here recommend a brand as the Stefani (Bunnings) gets a very poor review with many people reporting cracks and failures with resulting water damage?





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