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Cleaning out ma cabinet

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Im wanting to use what I have in ma cabinet before buying new stuff. I have a can of original draught' date=' a can of light malt extract, some dextrose (1.5kg) and BE2 (600g). Was thinking of mixing the Draught and LME. Should that be a good mix, or should I think of any of the sugars as well? Thanks![/quote']

Use the OS Draught can with the light malt. Then add some Perle hops,& Czech Saaz. You'll get something like my APA we're drinking lately. It's a great orange/amber sunset color. Use the malt can in a boil of 9.5L,30g of Perle hops @ 20mins,15g of Saaz at 10mins,& a 10min steep off heat with the remaining 15g of Saaz.

Then add the OS Draught can & stir real well. Put the lid on the brew kettle & let steep for 15mins to let the hot liquid (off heat source) to sanitize it.

Then chill to 21C in ice water bath in the sink. Top off to 23L,hydrometer test,& pitch yeast. Best if bulk primed to 2.3 atmospheres with 4.55oz of sugar. I think that was 129g or so.



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