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Munton Export Stout


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G-Day All ok a little assist if you please.

Im trying to recreate a Guinness clone from a recipe that i've found.

10ml liquorice Extract

74# Irish Stout blend

Muntons export stout

safale s-04

Yeast pitched at 26degs and 23L.

the OG was 1042 and now at day 6 1022 and has been at a consistent temp of 22 deg. now i know that the airlock is nothing to gauge the mix however the water has been level the whole time.

So the question im asking is should i be worried that the water in the air lock was level the whole time and what should the FG be around and how long can i leave it?

Any help would be fantastic

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I've had a couple of brews do this & have been told via the coopers help line that as long as your specific gravity is falling that fermentation is taking place,once your s.g. stops falling & is a steady reading over 2 days or so bottle it.

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