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New Swamp Cooler


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After my first 2 brews at higher temps than what I would like, I decided to make a cheap cooler, when I say cheap I mean $40.


Last week I picked up a 90ltr esky to create a Swamp Cooler.


And last night the brew began a Mexican Cervesa with lime, anyway got it all set and the temp was 26-27c, placed it in the swamp cooler over night and woke up this morning to 20c brew, great so changed the ice, half way thru a 32c day in Sydney the brew is sitting between 14-16c. So I had to remove some ice. I would say this is a success, I want to get it sitting between 16-18 and I will be happy.


Will post some photo's tonight, but pretty much its a huge esky, with my fermenter placed in one side of it around that I have 2 2ltr coke bottles of ice, and 1 1.25ltr bottle of ice. and then the esky has 3 dividers in it that are made up of the blue ice that can be taken out and frozen, and I freeze 2 and use 1 and alternate


All of this is covered with an old sleeping bag apart from the air lock, So for $40 for the esky off gumtree and empty bottles, I am very happy and now am excited knowing I can brew a good amount off different type of beers.

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Took a few photo's this morning, well here it is.


My $40 Swamp Cooler with one of the kids old sleeping bags, I was using 3 Ice Bottles and 1 Ice Divider, but had to remove some as on the 31c day that just past, the brew was at 12-14c.


So now its nicely around 16c, The Cooler can hold 2 fermenters with enough Ice to keep them both below 16.




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