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Coopers Stout + bits

Coopers Stout + bits


Steeped at 65c:

120 Grams Medium Crystal

120 Grams Chocolate Malt

120 Grams Roasted Barley 

20 grams East Kent Goldings 15 min boil.

1 Can of Coopers stout

1 Packet BE 2

500 grams Light Dry Malt extract

2 packets of Coopers yeast

Brewed to 21 litres.  mmmm?







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1 hour ago, John. Parkinson said:

How much is your 20 lt vesel

Umm, not sure what your question is exactly. Please ask again. The FV holds about 30 litres I guess, but I filled it to the 21 litres mark. The pot on the stove holds 5 litres, I just used it for steeping grains. Does that help? This recipe is a my favourite go to for a nice easy to make stout. 


Cheers, dan

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