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  1. Actually, she bought my homebrew kit as a wedding present. Thanks for the marital tips though!
  2. Potatoes


    That’s me too. Never grown to like the taste. I noticed that if I drink lagers feel like crap the next day (I won’t go into details). When I don’t drink lagers and I feel good. Lagers just don’t sit well with me.
  3. How did this pan out? I used M44 on current Brew, no problem so far. I’ve not tried the beer but went from 1.052 to 1.010 no worries. Lag time was 18 hours and full ferment in 9 days. And now now there is nothing in my fermenter....
  4. Potatoes


    Also, no entries allowed. Why ruin perfectly good water?
  5. Potatoes


    I was not aware of that. I have a bias as I don't really like lagers to begin with.
  6. Sounds good. I think I’ll try it!
  7. Potatoes


    It is the international awards so wouldn’t they choose overseas beers which are like Australian beers? steinlager is awful too.
  8. Quick question- when you do this do you still do a 60 min boil, even though no hops go in?
  9. Cool. I will tinker with Beersmith and see what I can work out. Cheers, Dan
  10. Nope, but will try that now.
  11. After years of doing adapted coopers kits, I switched to all grain and now this excellent competition occurs in my back yard. Damn, I wish I hadn't gone and purchased so much grain....
  12. Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. I did my 5th full all grain beer today in the robobrew today. The OG was higher than I predicted. I ended with 1.056 and my recipe was aiming for 1.047. Here is my beer recipe for an american amber ale: 3.2 kg 2 Row pale malt 0.9 Kg Crystal malt 60L 0.3 kg wheat malt 0.05 Roasted Barley. Total grain is 4.45 kg The mash was done with 23.5 litres at 67 deg c and for 90 mins (I got busy for 30 mins). This was recirculated with they robobrew pump. The sparge was done with 4 litres at 75 deg c, in a Robobrew. Then I did a 60 min boil. Hops- 40 grams Hallertau 60 mins 10 grams Northern Brewer 60 mins. .5 tablet of whirlfloc 20 grams Cascade 5 mins 10 grams Saaz. Dry hop 20 grams Cascade and 20 grams Saaz (to come). Ended with 20.5 litres of beer at 1.056. So my question is, will my higher OG through out my bitterness? Secondly, my OG is higher than I expected. Was I aiming too low? I tried using Beer Smith for the first time and maybe I didn't put in the correct details. Last question, when I used an online calculator, my efficiency was 85% (https://www.brewersfriend.com/brewhouse-efficiency/) Is that normal for some of you pro all grainers? Or has my calculations gone a miss. Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Dan
  13. When you guys get rid of sodium percabonate solution, do you just chuck down the drain? Spread on the garden? Or should it be flushed down the toilet? I’m not sure how hazardous this stuff is post cleaning.
  14. Yep, I’m doing the same now after reading your post a few months back. Works a treat.
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