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  1. Yeah, but he is trying to brew a mild.....
  2. I'd take result that with a HUGE grain of salt. Testing to find no difference requires a huge sample size. Overall, I would ignore it.
  3. Tasted it last night and it was a beaut. Thirst quenching on a hot day. Tasted nice straight and with raspberry syrup. Would recommend the Fresh Wort Kit method for someone who wanted to this give this a go!
  4. I normally make pear or pear apple cider. So that is why it comes out sweeter with juice. Now it makes sense. Cheers!
  5. I have used lactose as well. This didn't work well for me. Maltodextrin worked well as Marty suggested, but again, this is not the most natural ingredient in the world and close to an artificial sweetener too. If you buy fresh juice from the local fruit grower, then this should make sweet enough cider. A champagne yeast will make it slightly drier though.
  6. Some great points here by Christina. Is it hard to pasteurise yourself? Is it simply heating juice to a certain temp, holding and then chilling? I used Campden tablets and a champagne yeast to make rhubarb wine from fresh rhubarb. This killed off the naturally occurring yeast and made a good drop.
  7. Marty has good advice. I also add some 1-3 litres of pear or apple to mine, depending on the cider I am making. I have noticed that the sweetness and flavour really comes in after more time in the bottles. 1-2 months. Its still nice before then, but after that the flavour improves. The MJ pouches also come with artificial sweetener. So you can decide how much of that you want to add. I have done without sometimes and put half a packet in on other times. I personally found half a packet was good for my taste. There is also a concentrated sachet of juice. I also add all of that, often when bottling because I forgot to add it before. Good luck with MJ pouches, they are way better than the tins in my opinion.
  8. Gotcha, the penny has dropped. It had a long way to go. Brain is still operating at 50% even though the lockdown is almost over.
  9. Do you mean a pre boil FG of 1.022? +1 for Windsor. I used this yeast for UK mild beers.
  10. I got 20 litres of wort. My set up is a little strange though, as I do a big amount of water for the mash and then a small sparge (4 litres). Just my weird way of brewing in an apartment with limited space and heating constraints.
  11. I have been making some dark milds which come in at around 3 - 3.5%. This recipe by Hairy worked out nice. Here is the thread, just scroll to the end.
  12. 6 months! Nice like a good brew. I'll give it two weeks then taste as my usual process.
  13. I will try the MJs too. Mine has been in the bottle for 4 days. Going to give it 2 weeks before cracking one. Are sour beers best drank fresh? Or need time to condition?
  14. I read up on how you create a wort, add to your FV, then add lactobacillus, ferment for a few days, then return to your kettle, heat up to kill off lacto, then put in the FV, add yeast and then bottle. But I decided on this- Buy a fresh wort kit which has already been soured, chuck in some yeast (Kveik), wait a couple of weeks, then bottle. Not the most complex method in the world but a good cheats method .
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