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KitnKilo mixing calculator is 1.0.0

About This File

Hi all,  long time between visits.   I was brewing biab for years and have recently put the kettle away due to how much of my time was taken away from me. 

So still wanting to homebrew I tried a couple of cans with basic 1kg of dextrose and was very impressed.  For a lot less work you still get a decent beer. 

As I always do, I tried to make every process easy and reliable.   I store 20l of cold water for mixing as in summer the tap water is too hot,  plus I use 2l of hot water for mixing the ingredients.

So I used a formula we plumbers have for estimating hot water usage and chucked a spreadsheet together.   It is a little tricky to use as I am not a computer guru. 

Used it today to test results and very pleased.   Hopefully it can help anyone achieve the correct pitching temp any time of the year when tap water temps are different.  










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