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  1. Just going to add to this for my cubing brothers, I love drinking beer, I am not a hobby brewer, so I do triple batches, sometimes two in one day. I end up with 6 x 15l cubes of wort ready to go. I have kids and work flat out so I make my brew days count for something. I could just mix up some kits or do partials etc but all grain is sooo cheap and convenient if you cube your wort. Everyone has a different agenda, some like to be as close to the authentic ways as possible and some just want to pump out some beer that is better and cheaper than the stuff on the shelves. My cubed wort is awesome and I highly recommend other brewers to try a fresh wort kit, such as all in brewing, so easy and cheaper than extract brewing.
  2. Have had a bad run recently with random bottles being flat, have found that the plastic bottles can leak gas but not liquid, what you get is a firm bottle that goes soft after chilling. I kept an eye on these suspect bottles and have found they are now leaking beer out of the bottom ( you can see the fractures around the injection point). Have since moved to glass and so far so good, consistent carbonation. If you use Cooper's pet bottles look at the bottom and if it has bulged at the bottom, replace, or at least look for cracks around the feet of the bottle.
  3. Way way easier to use on brew day and prior to pitching yeast, simply put a drop on the glass panel, point to light and get a reading. Still need a hydrometer for fg readings.
  4. Hey Ben, do any of the hops go into the cube? Also just to be a real pain, do you have a go to recipe/recipes? Curious to see what a fellow no chill brewer does, Cheers, Mick.
  5. I do triple batches (16-17L cubes @ 1.060), and no chill. 5 hours is typical. I also cube hop so i get three different beers. I also dilute the brews to mid 40's so end up bottling around 20 litres. I am also time poor and luckily get RDO's , thats when i do a brew day. Sometimes i buy a fresh wort kit or a coopers can kit just to keep stocks up. My setup is electric and cost less than a robobrew.
  6. I must be missing something, you put in your expected losses and it tells you how much grain is needed for required og. If all the pre boil, post boil and mash figures line up and you still do not hit the required gravity readings, is it not a case of a incomplete conversion or excess lautering losses? I did a brew on sunday and it seems i had full conversion as all my figures lined up bang on (did not touch the losses for lautering or grain yield). Grain absorbtion matched my figures. As far as i can see this is a great tool for a brew day.
  7. Thank you John, appreciate the effort you put into it, i have saved the spreadsheet on my phone and pc. I like how if you can not reach the target figures you have not fully converted, so simple.
  8. Maybe the serving jug is the culprit. I have heard dishwashing liquid can cause poor head retention but you are getting the opposite.
  9. With regards to nucleation, i used to store my glasses in the freezer but found the first beer poured always foamed up badly. Just a random maybe?
  10. Cascarillo, in the coopers recipe database. It was that recipe that opened my eyes to how good a homebrew beer can be. That combo of hops works all the time.
  11. Nice job, kept it cheap and simple. Any plans for the basket? Is there any chance you could use it and still have the lid on?
  12. My guess would be that gap in the FV. Those vinegar flys got in and possibly out, I recommend anything that seals properly, I actually went to nappy buckets with lids with airlocks, but whatever works. Also from what I read to kill an aceto/ acid infection use a alkaline sanitiser like sodium metabisulphite.
  13. This time of year you may have carbonated your beer in a week. I normally like 2 weeks in the fridge, it really clears the beer up and the green flavour clears. Did your beer smell like vinegar, was it all cloudy and bubbly when bottling? I would not hold much hope for it, we worry about cleaning and sanitising our bottles yet you have a known infection in there.
  14. Yep, looks just like what happened to me. Does this look familiar? It was tipped out, it was putrid.
  15. Yes, I am experiencing it on phone and pc. Wonder if it has anything to do with the new website layout.
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