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Extract IPA - some advice?

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Hi guys,


3 kg Light Dry Malt

500g Dextrose

300g CaraRed


40g Chinook @ 30 min

20g Citra @ 20 min

30g Cascade @ 20 min

20g Citra @ 10 min

30g Cascade @ 10 min

20g Citra @ DH

30g Cascade @ DH


23 litres

OG = 1.059

IBU = 58.4 (ffrom Ian's spreadsheet - doing a 8 litre boil)


What do you guys think of this one? Any obvious tweaks or changes I should or could do here?


What about the 2/3 Citra vs Cascade ratio? (I have heard Citra could be a bit overpowering) Or would these go best in a 50/50 pairing?

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