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Is my logic right here?

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Hey, so I wrote a big massive post but decided to delete it as my question is simple really.


I was converting a 23 litre recipe to half the size. In order to suit my pot size for BIAB. The original recipe says to mash 4.66kg of pilsner malt in 11.6 litre then sparge up to 27 litre (4 litre then lost on boil, resulting in a 23 litre in FV).


Can I mash half the grain 2.33kg in 11.5 litre of water and sparge with 4 litre of water to make pre boil volume of 15.5 litre. This accounting for 4 litre evaporation during the boil. Does the volume of strike water matter, as long as I'm left with the correct amount going into the FV which should be 11.5 litre. Which is half of the original recipe as I wanted. Or should the strike water be half of what the original recipe says ie 11.6/2=5.8litre. Then sparge up to 15.5litre?


I hope this makes sense. I know my evaporation rate may not and probably will not be 4 litre exactly and I need to account for loss of volume when transferring into FV etc. But in general will the strike water need to be half of the original recipes or will I get the same end result in the end.



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