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Is brewing a bad hobby?

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Sierra Nevada has always been pry-off, since I've been buying them anyway. But that was well after 2007 lol. I found a pack of 40 year old Coca-Cola branded crown seals at my LHBS a few years ago, and they were somewhat different from today's ones. The rubber/plastic seals were different, and they were clearly made of thicker metal because they I had to use more force to crimp them over the bottles compared to the usual ones I use.


Back in the day I used to use twist off bottles with the same crown seals I used on pry off bottles and had no problems with them sealing. I moved to all pry-offs about 3 years ago after building up enough of them by drinking ... Sierra Nevada stubbies lol. I got rid of most of them last year when I got my kegs but I still keep about 70 or so on hand for surplus after kegging batches.

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have cutdown to weekends only - which means you accumulate a lot of beer if you keep brewing. Think Ive got about 12-14 slabs of it in the garage at the moment! - So I think Ill have to cut back to doing a brew a month and the a bit extra for holidays.


Hi Payno. Yes' date=' good idea to cut back on brewing. What is the temperature in your garage? Was just listening to a podcast about staling of beer and it said that for every 10C the staling rate triples to quadruples. It can go stale in one day at 40C. [img']w00t[/img]


PS Apparently beer stales faster in twist off bottles than in pry off.


Hey Christina,


I'm with you. I live in a climate where it get to 40+ for 4-5 months of the year and i found the twist top bottle don't suffice. I popped open multiple twist top beers in hot season and they were flat and no good. I ended up moving my conditioning beer to another air conditioned room.



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