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DIY Beer Brew Cans - Yeast Details

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Yeast Strain/s are denoted by the R Product Code on the back of the sachet, beneath the Julian Date Code. The Julian Date Code is the packaged date and is a five-digit format counting the number of days into the year, e.g. for yeast packaged on the 11th of March 2020 = 70th day of 2020, it will display as 07020.


  • C – R007 = Coopers ale yeast. Our own strain, which was developed in-house, but it is not the same strain as the yeast in our commercial ales.

  • C+L – R3426 = A blend of our Coopers ale yeast and a lager strain.

  • A – R3554/R3555/R3557/R3559 = various ale yeasts*

  • L – R3422/R3556 = various lager yeasts*

  • W – R3558 = wheat yeast*

These strains are commercially available dry yeasts and their details are held in confidence. Listed below against each brewing extract, we’ve detailed the yeast type, then the R Product Code, followed by an example Julian Date Code in brackets.

Detailed Information:

Original Series

  • C – R007 (07020)

International Series

  • Australian Pale Ale: C+L – R3426 (07020)
  • Mexican Cerveza: C+L – R3426 (07020)
  • European Lager: L – R3422 (07020)
  • Canadian Blonde: C – R007 (07020)
  • English Bitter: C – R007 (07020)
  • Irish Stout: A – R3554 (07020)

Thomas Cooper's Series

  • Bootmaker Pale Ale: A – R3559 (07020)
  • Brew A IPA: A – R3559 (07020)
  • Devil's Half Ruby Porter: A – R3557 (07020)
  • Family Secret Amber Ale: A – R3559 (07020)
  • Innkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale: A – R3555 (07020)
  • Preacher's Hefe Wheat: W – R3558 (07020)
  • 86 Days Pilsner: L – R3556 (07020)

Mr Beer Craft Series

All of the Mr Beer Brewing Extracts use the C+L blend. The Julian Date Code is the only code listed on the sachet.




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