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DIY Beer Brew Cans - Yeast and Aroma Hop Details

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Our yeast sachets carry a Julian date code and may also carry letters to denote the type of yeast for packaging purposes. The examples below are for yeast packaged on the 25th of September 2015 = 268th day of 2015.


Original Series:- Ac (26815)


International Series:

Australian Pale Ale - Ac+L (26815 Int)

Mexican Cerveza - Ac+L (26815 Int)

European Lager - L (26815 P)

Canadian Blonde - Ac (26815)

English Bitter - Ac (26815)

Irish Stout - A (26815 S)


Thomas Cooper's Series:

Bootmaker Pale Ale - A (26815 B)

Brew A IPA - A (26815 B)

Devil's Half Ruby Porter - A (26815 S)

Family Secret Amber Ale - A (26815 B)

Inkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale - A (26815 W)

Preacher's Hefe Wheat - Wh (26815 H)

86 Days Pilsner - L (26815 P)

Golden Crown - L (26815 P)


Craft Series:

Bewitched Amber Ale - Ac+L (26815)

Diablo IPA - Ac+L (26815)

Northwest Pale Ale - Ac+L (26815)

Winter Dark Ale - Ac+L (26815)



Ac = Coopers ale yeast (our own strain, not the same as the yeast in our commercial ales, developed in-house and propagated under contract).


A = various ale yeast, L = various lager yeast and Wh = wheat yeast (these strains are commercially available dry yeast and their details are held in confidence).



All of our brews are bittered with PoR in the brewhouse. From time to time, the bitterness level may require an adjustment, which we do by squirting ISO directly into the can immediately prior to the filler. This is also the point where Late Hop is added.


The listing below details those with an actual hop variety (dosage rates vary between brews), those with a non-specific blend (I've described the characters that are meant to be imparted to the final beer) and those with no late hop.


Original Series:- nil


International Series:

Australian Pale Ale - nil

Mexican Cerveza - pure hop aroma throwing subtle woody and spicy notes

European Lager - pure hop aroma throwing herbaceous and floral characters

Canadian Blonde - pure hop aroma throwing subtle spicy and floral characters

English Bitter - Styrian Golding

Irish Stout - nil


Thomas Cooper's Series:

Bootmaker Pale Ale - Cascade and a smidge of Styrian Golding

Brew A IPA - resinous piney hop and Cascade

Devil's Half Ruby Porter - Styrian Golding

Family Secret Amber Ale - Cascade

Inkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale - nil

Preacher's Hefe Wheat - nil

86 Days Pilsner - Saaz

Golden Crown Lager - a pure hop aroma blend layering herbaceous and floral characters over a slightly resinous base


Craft Series:

Bewitched Amber Ale - Cascade

Diablo IPA - resinous piney hop and Cascade

Northwest Pale Ale - Cascade

Winter Dark Ale - nil

Churchill's Nut Brown Ale - Styrian Golding

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