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Ever watched one of those boring YouTube home-brewing tutorials?

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5 hours ago, King Ruddager said:


Haha, you had enough Stout for two identical batches: “what a shame” it evaporated before you could get to mixing in the second batch,


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54 minutes ago, King Ruddager said:

So you’re assuming it wasn’t the cookies that killed the last two?

No, it was certainly not spent grain cookie related, it was different a cancer for each pupper, mammory and insulanoma.

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9 hours ago, King Ruddager said:

This is actually a pretty useful tip for anyone that bottles:

Nice idea. I haven't had any issues reusing the bottles with the collar on. If I give some beers away to any snowflake friends they might like to get one that is still security sealed. 

But the real solution, as you mention in the final line, is to keg! 😝

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