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Cascadian Dark Ale


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Reading another thread about dark ale got me thinking (dangerous) about doing one. A little research came up with THIS what some are called a new style. A dark ale with strong NW hops varieties so I knocked one up with what I had to hand;


1 can Coopers Dark Ale

2 KG Dark DME

500 G CaraAmber steeped 30m

20G Cascade boil 20

20G Simcoe boil 20

Yeast BRY-97 West Coast Ale or your favorite

Dry hop with about 30G of Amarillo (if I can find some) or Cascade.

OG 1.062

FG 1.014

ECB 61.7

IBU 62.6

ABV 6.3% (keg)

23 ltrs

Will let you know how it goes!

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I have never tried one that I know of being here in the far off land of OZ. Sounded like something new to try with lots of varaiation. I am sure going to be giving them all a go in less than a month! [biggrin]


I'm also sure someone can come up with a better one but that is half the fun. We all know where the rest of the fun comes from! Cheers!

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Sounds pretty similar Muddy. The article linked was 2010. Don't think it has been added as a style yet. First tasting was promising though. Malty, nice hop, with a bit of choc. Maybe a bit more dry hopping would be good.

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I'll probably have to get some Carafa grains to do one. I've got roast barley, Munich and obviously base malt. Also have black patent, carared and caramalt. Could probably use caramalt in place of the crystal since it's basically the same thing anyway. I have Magnum so a combination of that and Cascade would probably work alright (Looking at the second recipe in the link there). [cool]

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