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Chocky Stout


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i have a nice little stockpile or Toucan Stouts happening in readiness for winter, but thought i'd like to try a variation.


I did a quick forum search for Chocolate Stout, but it was just a little boy's look and i didn't really find much so i googlised it.


I have ended up with:


OS Stout Can

OS Dark Ale Can

300gms Cottees Chocolate topping

both yeast sachets



Has anyone done anything similar? I had a taste when i took my OG sample, but couldn't really taste the chocolate. I dont want to have the chocolate too in your face, but i want to know its there.


I still have another 300gm of Chocky topping that i can add if need be. Will the flavour develop more during fermentation and conditioning?

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I made a Chocolate Liqueur Stout and it was great. Just a nice hint of chocolate. It included 300gm Choc Malt and 50ml Choc flavored spirit essence. My next stout will be PB2's toucan stout ie.


OS Stout can

OS Dark Ale can

1 kg Dex

300gm Choc Malt

50ml Choc flavored spirit essence.

both yeast sachets

made to 23lt


My last Toucan stout ended up 6.16% ABV so I'm not sure if I should reduce the amount of dex to allow for the extra choc malt.

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