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Blueberry wheat


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Hey guys,


So brewed a wheat and just added my blueberries...


1.7Kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Kit

1Kg Wheat DME

600g Hi-Malt glucose (I just had it left over)

28g Hallertau Hops 15 and 5 min left in boil.


Added 700g Frozen Canadian blueberries, in some of my wife's pantyhose [love] , on day 3 in FV.


Kind of a twist on the Blushing Blonde/Heffeweissen.


I might call it the depressed German![biggrin]


I'll keep ya posted.


[unsure] [whistling [unsure]

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How is this travelling Alex?




For those interested. I am ready to bottle the "frustrated German" lol.


The OG was 1.045...she's been fermenting now for 10 days. Tastes great, very mild blueberry flavour, and FG is 1.011.


I took the blue sac ([lol] ) out on day 7. Mixed it lightly to get the colour, aroma and flavours rockin. It is a lil cloudy, as to be expected with a wheat, and has a slight blue/pink tint to it.


I'm going to bottle and keep you updated when I do a taste test. I will test at 2 weeks, cuz I'm an impatient Canadian (oxymoron)?

And test periodically to see how the aging effects the flavour.


Cheers...Drinking My first batch ever, Cooper Lager...Not bad at all![love]

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So I just tried the Blueberry wheat, it's only been bottled for 7 days, but I just had to try it to see if I wasted my time.


it is bloody delicious!!![love] No joke!


It's a wee bit flat, but the nose has a slight hint, and the initial palate as well. I can'y wait to see how it imporves with age. [cool]

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