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Willy's Irish Red


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I don't usually post a recipe unless asked for or I am very happy with the result.


Well here's a recipe to try for the All Grainers so I don't even know if I should post it on this forum but I was so impressed I thought I'd like to share and is definitely an easy one for your to do list...


Makes 26L:

4kg Marris Otter

1kg Munich

300g CaraMalt

300g CaraRed

100g Chocolate

45g Fuggles @ 25

30g EKG @ 5

Ferment with WYeast 1084 @ 22C


additions have been adjusted for no chill. IBU = 27.8

EBC 25.5


Mashed @ 68 for 90 minutes (lost 1C over the time)


OG 1.048

FG finished low at 1.007

5.5% ABV



mmmmmmmmm will definitely be doing this again very soon [love]


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Thanks Bill, ive saved this into my Beersmith, loving the Maris.


Do you have anything for a nut brown?

Not of my own that I would share. I have done a couple but not really happy with them yet. Nevertheless, there is one in the Brewing Classic Styles I have been meaning to try but just haven't got around to it yet. It's on page 151 and called Nutcastle.


I have adjusted very little to round off metric measurements but it goes something like:


4.5kg Marris Otter

350g Special Roast

250g Victory

250 CaraMalt

120g Pale Chocolate


34g EKG @ 60 min

14g EKG @ 5 min


Mash @ 67C


Wyeast 1028 or Nottingham



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