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Spiced up old spice


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Hi everyone,


I was wondering whether anyone has some experience using spices (e.g. any comments on how the Old Spiced ale went)? I was considering a spiced winter ale using the Old Spice recipe and this recipe as inspiration. I've got a potential recipe below...


How would the spice combo below go? Would a touch of vanilla also go ok?


How about hops, is amarillo a little strange here? I've got some fuggles or EKG that could take their place.


I was thinking something along the lines of:


Up to 20L

1.70kg Coopers Dark Ale kit

1.50kg Light LME

0.25kg Light DME

0.20kg Light Chocolate malt

0.10kg medium crystal

0.10kg caramalt


15g Amarillo for 15 mins

+ the following steeped for 15 mins:

3 cinnamon sticks

0.5 tsp nutmeg

0.25 tsp ground cloves


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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