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Recipe idea ? Coopers Sparkling Ale + Morgans Caramalt


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I haven't used Morgans Caramalt before but it sounds sweet.


How are you using the hops?


Without some boil of hops I think it might be a bit on the sweet side.


But then again, since I have never used Morgans Caramalt, I really have no idea what I am talking about [innocent]


Perhaps someone else could help.

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Found this after a quick search.

Master Blends: (1 KG Specialty Blends) (Now replaced by 1.5kg tins due to supply/cost problems with further 1kg containers)

Beer Enhancer\t (2-row Pale extract, Glucose, and Honey; 1.2 EBC)

Lager Malt (100% 2-row Lager malt; 2.4 EBC)

Caramalt (60% Caramalt and 40% Pale malt; 12 EBC)

Dark Crystal Malt (60% Dark Crystal and 40% Vienna malt; 38.4 EBC)

Wheat Malt (60% Wheat and 40% Pilsner malt; 3.2 EBC)

Chocolate Malt (15% Chocolate and 85% Munich malt; 21.6 EBC)

Roasted Black Malt (12% Roasted Black malt and 88% Munich malt; 50.8 EBC)


Morgan\u2019s Masterblend extracts only 50% fermentable; Malt Extracts 75%



So yep a boil would be good IMO

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Are you sure it is Caramalt you have and not just a liquid malt?


If it is caramalt then I certainly wouldn't suggest using 1.5kg of it in any one brew unless you do about 70L batches, which I doubt. 500g is plenty for a brew of around 23L.


I also reckon there are better choices than Cascade for the Sparkling kit, something like Citra works a treat here. However, if that is all you have at hand and don't wont to change then that is your choice and it will still be nice and improve it imo. Maybe just dry hop it with the 25g Cascade you have if you are wanting to use it up. BUT, if the Caramalt is just liquid malt then I would boil the Cascade for 5 to 10 minutes.


Only use half the Dextrose.

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Ended up doing:


TC's Sparkling Ale kit (yeast inc)

Morgans Caramalt liquid 1.5kg

300g Dex

15g boiled and 10g dry pitch Cascade hop

21Lt water


See how she goes.


Cheers for the feedback lads. [happy]

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Good choice of brew Troy[cool]


Mat of mine wasn't convinced about it. Said it be like a 5 wheeled lawn mower.


I decided to call it 5th Wheel Amber Ale [tongue] . (although I think it'll be more brown than amber)

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