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Recipe for Powers Bitter


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My favourite bitter of all time was Powers Bitter. Unfortunately, Powers was too good and CUB bought out the company to kill the brand......GGRRRRRRR!!


Does anyone have a recipe for Powers Bitter?


Cheers, Nev

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Sorry guys, I have never tasted a Powers beer.


I think I was scarred from watching the Brisbane Broncos tear apart other teams with "Powers" plastered across the front.


It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth; the team not the beer [innocent]

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Let's go the Brisbane Broncos

Where they can the mighty Broncos

Let's Go Let's Go the mighty Broncos

We'll show the crowd and we'll sing it out aloud

Give a cheer Broncos for the mighty maroon and gold!


Ah those 1992-93 teams annihilating all comers were the stuff of legend. On ya Bernie Power! :-)


Premiership 7 in 2012? Let's hope so, hey Hairy? ;-)

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