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Gday Guys,

Bought the new Coopers FV, brilliant BTW, and wasn't sure what to do with the ingrediants that come with it. I've just put down the lager with .5kg each of LDM and honey, so thats gone. I have an apple cider (Brigalow), would it work using the BE1 or should I use dextrose? I bought dextrose to go with the cider but I thought I could get rid of the BE1 instead. Other option is put the BE1 in my next ESVA.



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That's a good question.


BE1 consists of 600g Dextrose, 400g Maltodextrin


I have always used 1kg of Dextrose as it imparts no flavour and is totally fermentable.


Maltodextrin will aid body and head retention but will do next to nothing for abv as its mostly unfermentable.

Some say it can impart a sweet taste, although I unsure.


I think maltodrextrin will be fine, if your happy with a slightly lower ABV and want good mouthfeel and head retention in your cider.

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