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Brock's Billabong ESB

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Hey guys!


Put down an English/ Extra special Bitter last night, though it may be a tad dark to class as a true ESB.


..and it goes a little somethin' like this...


1.8 kg *cough* Brewcraft (Muntons) English Bitter[whistling

1 kg LDM

200g treacle

300g crystal malt (pack does not specify colour)

50g Choc malt

30 min steep -grains

30 min boil inc. treacle & 100g of the LDM

15g Fuggles (4.5-5%) @10 min

15g Goldings (4.6-5%) @5 min

Safale S-04 yeast @ 23 degrees.


OG 1054 @ 23 degrees

Sitting on kitchen bench with heatbelt overnight- 20 degrees.

Bubbling away nicely this morn!


Yum[happy] !



EDIT: FV 20 litre total vol.

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Sounds nice mate. Are you gonna dry hop at all? I've been finding it really hard to keep flavour and aroma in anything darker than an amber ale. I'm now using about 50g (made in several additions) of hops in every brew, and may even have to up it soon if I don't start getting the results I'm after.


Good luck [happy]

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Hi Phil,

I thought I would dry-hop with the remaining 10g of Fuggles,

But reading your latest post, 10g dry hop may not be effective.

I might just go ahead & chuck 'em in anyway at 3-4 days, might even slip into the LHBS for another pack.[bandit]


For dry hopping Pom style ales, do you prefer Fuggles or EKG?

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Fuggles have been my favourite so far. They're the only ones I've noticed much extra flavour from. Not sure how much I'll use in future, guess I'll wait for some of the hop enthusiasts to reply to my other post.


Having said that the EKG smelled great in the boil, so if I can get that to shine through a little more I may have to reassess.[cool]

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Hey Brock,


That ESB of yours sounds really nice. I've made a few very similar to it. In fact I'm sampling one right now!


Mine goes like this:


Wells Landing English Ale


1.7Kg Cooper's E. Bitter

500g LDM

274g 40L Crystal

200g dex

150g Carapils

15g Challenger (20mins)

12g Challenger (15mins)

10g EKG (F-out)

15g EKG (dry hop)

11.5g S-04

23L water


Here's another


B.S.A Bitter


1.7Kg Coop's E. Bitter

566g Amber LME

200g Molasses

150g Carapils

150g Pale Choc

50g Roasted Barley

12g N. Brewer's (15mins)

10g EKG

5g N. Brewer's (5mins, f-out)

5g EKG (5mins, f-out)

11g Notto

21L water


Both of these have turned out great so expect good things from yours.[cool]

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  • 4 weeks later...



My ESB is still conditioning in FV, but after a few tastes while getting my FG reading..WOW, i could drink it as is!

I'll carb at a lower rate than usual to keep with the style.


FG was 1018, hasn't dropped for a couple of weeks, sound OK?

Thought it would go a little lower.


This will be a ripper!

I might try one of yours nest Chad, maybe the Wells Landing English Ale.


Anyway, Happy Saturday to you all!!

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