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2 brews down


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Busy night,

Hit the bottom of a keg with little warning and have a new keg to fill, going to try my hardest to make my next brew an AG so a good idea to get some beers in the ferm room.


The gravities are doing strange things tonight, the Stout gave me 1.063 and the Ale is giving me 1.059, I should do them again as I did them straight after lidding them but bollox to it what will be will be, cant be arsed to disturb them now.


Thought I would leave the Dex out all together and use +500g Malt instead.


Sweet stout:

1 Coopers OS Stout

1.5kg Dark dry malt

500g Choc malt

250g Crystal malt

500g Lactose

250ml Pure Maple

25g Goldings 15mins

English ale yeast


American ale:

Coopers pale

1.5kg Dry light malt

250g Crystal malt

10g Amarillo 15g Cascade 15mins

10g Amarillo 20g Cascade 5mins

(Will dry 20g Cascade after 72)

American ale yeast


Both are sat at 18degs in the freezer [cool]


Roll on Friday!!

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Damn G,

500g of Lactose?

That's gonna be a VERY sweet stout eh?

Was just wondering, have you tried it before. My mums partner likes sweet beer and wants me to brew him some up.

I've tried lactose in cider for my sister but never in beer, I'm interseted to know how it comes up.


Just noticed the Maple, I presume that's syrup, I'm also presuming that's fermenable??

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I have one in the keg with that amount of Lactose and im loving it, infact it isn't getting much of a chance to age.


I would leave the Maple out in the future I get nothing from it but its a debate I have going with a friend of mine


Ive just dry hopped both of these brews

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