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Better Half Xmas Brew


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The wife just asked if I would brew her a nice beer for xmas/summer, knowing her taste is low bitter, light colour and maybe just a hint of sweetness I thought I might try the following.

1.7kg coopers mexican cerveza

500g LDM

500g Honey

300g dry wheat malt

200g Dex

25g cascade steeped

kit yeast?


ferment temp 20c

any feedback?

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I don't use honey so I can't offer advice on that but I would suggest using Canadian blonde rather than the cerveza for a light cooured brew. Where are you hoping to get sweetness from? You may want to up the malt content fro this.


Cascade can be a bit 'in your face' for some - maybe go for nelson sauvin, amarillo or motueka for a bit of fruitiness which add to the perceived sweetness factor.

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