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Yakkity Yak

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This is a beer I put together inspired by the Fat Yak that all the kids are talking about. I find the commercial Yak a little wanting so I have upped the Yak factor slightly. I'm happy with how it turned out and now deem the recipe ready for sharing....


Yakkity Yak


2kg light dry malt

750g Liquid amber malt (1/2 a tin of the Coopers brand)

250g light crystal malt (steeped)

150g CaraPils (steeped)

250g Dextrose


15g Cascade @ 60 mins

10g Nelson Sauvin @ 60 mins


15g Cascade @ 30 mins

10g Nelson Sauvin @ 30 mins


15g Cascade @ 0 mins

10g Nelson Sauvin @ 0 mins


15g Cascade dry hopped @ day 3 or 4


Yeast US-05 fermented @ 18C for 2 weeks


This is based on a 10L boil with 1kg of the LDM


Make up to 23L


OG 1051

FG 1011

IBU 33.7




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Just wondering Muddy if the 10L is first used as your steeping water (65c-75c) then you remove your steeping bag then add the LDM and then bring that to the boil and start with your hop schedule. Or do you do it a different way?

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You can do it that way Jason - I cheated and used 2 large coffee plungers to steep my grains and then added it to my pot with extra water to make up 10L. If you have a grain bag it may be easier to just do it in the pot but I'd reduce the volume and then top up with cold water (rinse the grains with this to get any extra goodness out).

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The grain side, even though I haven't done it, is exactly the same. Crack the grain and steep it in the coffee plunger for the required time... usually around 30 minutes. Just make sure the kitchen plunger is big enough [joyful]

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I'm comfortable throwing my hops straight int he boil and straining them as I pour that into my FV. It's the grain stuff I was curious about.


The way I understand it it's better to steep cracked grains with some sort of temperature control, either in a Thermos or left on low heat. I steep my on low heat between 65 & 70'C for 30 mins, stirring the grains to prevent them from sticking together, I then strain them into another pot and rinse the grains with 2 litres of water at 70'C and use this water combined with LDM for my hop boil. I was looking for a coffee plunger but found a large (& fine) strainer at QV market for $4. At the end of the boil I combine the two worts and strain them both into the FV.

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Here is some info on the temperature for steeping specialty grains from Brew Your Own magazine.


Brew Your Own - Specialty Grains


It indicates that steeping will produce pretty much the same result if the grains are steeped in the temperature range of 50-70 degrees.


I usually heat the water in a pot to 65-70 degrees and then add the grains, cover with a lid and steep it for 30 minutes. A pot probably maintains the temperature better than a glass plunger so it may be best to insulate that, as you do.

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I recently revisited my Yakkity Yak with a few tweaks on the original. I sampled one last night and hereby proclaim it a bloody good beer.


As I probably said in my opening post it was styled around a Fat Yak but better...A little more Yak for your buck [biggrin]


This version is similar except I have subbed the 45 min cascade with Magnum....Just typing about this beer is making me thirsty (Shame it is a no beer day [crying] ).


Yakkity Yak (V2)


2 tins Light Malt Extract

1/2 tin Amber malt

150g Light crystal steeped

50g carapils steeped


20g Magnum @ 45

10g Nelson Sauvin @ 45


15g Cascade @ 30

10g Nelson Sauvin @ 30


15g Cascade @ 0

10g Nelson Sauvin @ 0


20g Cascade dry hopped (After about 5 days)


Made to 23L

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