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'nother poem

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'mornig blokes,


dunno if you will be interested in this one, not much drinkin' in it but I thought Matt might enjoy it.




Six Hundred Horses


\xa9 Ross Magnay 4/12/09




Six hundred horses snorting; all captured in one Cat,


determined they will shift their heavy load,


smoke puffs from their nostrils as the driver finds the gears,


the trailers start to snake onto the road,


Sixty tyres behind the steer lay down a dusty track,


the dollies guide the trailers on their course,


this is the modern drover yes the Clancy of today,


long gone now; the saddle, whip and horse.




The dust then starts to billow as the wheels begin to roll;


the driver is still climbing through the gears,


some crackle on the radio then gets a message through,


a little conversation with his peers.


Then quickly check the gauges as he slips it into top,


a final puff of smoke to sign the deal,


he\u2019s now at full momentum and can settle in a bit;


relax and simply operate the wheel.




But soon the hills are looming and the revs begin to drop,


the horses in the Cat are working tough,


Another puff of smoke will tell another gears been picked,


the driver doubts that one will be enough.


But the horse\u2019s traces tighten and the governor opens up;


the tacho tells the story as she goes,


The driver grabs the gear back as they top the dusty rise;


this is power a drover never knows.




At last they reach the highway and he reins the horses in,


it\u2019s time to check the rig and restless load,


survey the situation and then climb back in the cab,


and get this unit back out on the road.


And the miles are soon behind them as the horses gallop on;


the tyres hum a tune upon the tar,


he\u2019s headed for the city and to get these cattle off,


then stand just like a drover at the bar!




...and drink Coopers of course!

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Thanks Matt, might even do that, I used to drive singles a bit, I think I already told you that, my son drives road trains a bit, but not stock, I have a bit to do with them though because of the amount of driving I do in the bush every day.


You amaze me tricky, not too much you can mention that soon appears with your name on it! I have seen that unit, it is the biggest road registered road train in the world...or used to be, I think it is a different prime mover than when I saw it, I don't think they were running Western Stars then, it is the rigs they haul the ore from McArthur River Mine to the coast at PinBong, looks like a bloody great serpent running down the road

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The Coopers Club's own Ross Magnay take a bow!


Outstanding! 8)




Maybe the newsletter will have a new inclusion next issue?

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Yeah really liked that one,Saw this poem the other day called The Barmens Sermen.

Our lager,Which art in barrels,Hallowed be thy hops.Thou will be drunk,And I will be drunk,At home as in the tavern.Give us this day our foamy head,And forgive us our spillages,As we forgive those who spill against us.And lead us not to incarceration,But deliver us from hangovers.For thine is The Ale, The Bitter and The Lager.Forever and ever, Barmen


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