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(More) Info on Coopers kits

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Hi everyone


I was thinking today, that scattered around the forum is some great information on exactly what hops/malts go into each of the Coopers kits. It's great that it's out there, but it's really hard to find.


For example, I've seen (and made the most of) the fact that the Real Ale kit has only bittering hops, making it a great base for a lot of styles. The descriptions in the "Brewing Products" section of the website are incredibly general.


I think I saw something about the TCS Traditional Draught had cascade in it (although I could be wrong here). This is the sort of stuff I'd like to be able to find info on easily.


Could people post details that they've seen about the different kits on this thread?


Paul, is there any chance of adding this info, or is it kind sensitive? I think it would be a great resource, maybe as a 'sticky' thread.

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