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7 minutes ago, Mickep said:

Can't beat a good seafood stir fry Phil, you know your own drill - no need to say anymore. 🏝️

These squares behind our emojis are typically a jpeg symbol, there are different ones for each file format, tif/gif/vector/pdf etc ...

but they shouldn't be there as well as the emojis. 

Perhaps Coopers Team could help...

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19 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

Seafood & veg Stir-fry tonight in 3 stages, I think I used every ingredient known to man & I still forgot some.







WOW! Looks amazing Phil 👍👍👍

Beautifully colourful, prawns look perfect too 😃

You know the drill..

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15 hours ago, Cheap Charlie said:


Last night's curry with some unknown random fish from the depths of the freezer 🤔

Quite spicy, I paid the price this morning.

Looks good. Tax on the way in, tax on the way out 👍

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17 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

Chicken Kebabs marinated in Chinese Shaoxing Wine, lemon juice, chili, cracked pepper. 

And a simple salad, too easy but nice.






Looks the biz Phil 👍

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8 hours ago, Mickep said:

Eclectic sorta combo at dinner tonight;

Yum - bo Talay (Thai Seafood salad) and a good ol' fashioned Aussie burger. Home grown lettuce and celery as well.









Looks a beaut Mick 👍

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1 minute ago, beach_life said:

Yummo, gonna get me an OOni

Yeah., they're not bad. I think the gas adapter is worth it for sure - you can get up to 500°C on the stone with one of those laser thermometers.

I have made a mistake of washing the stone once: I couldn't get it hot enough to cook the pizza , especially embarassing as I'd invited the neighbours round.

Now I've got the cooking part pretty much OK I will also buy fresh but uncooked ones to try. If you use sourdough dough you have to start "the project" about 2 days before...

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Had to use up some mussels before they went off. Orecchiette with mussels, cannellini beans and cherry tomatoes. Broccoli, garlic and pine nuts for the Lady Wife. Nice change



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