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mmmm is still green but a little less cascade next time  a bit over powering to the rest but not 1/2 bad cheers enjoy the week end  .Just finished mashing a Calypso  with a few specialty grains but the rest  of the grain is similar to the  above will post a new thread

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V3 is a calypso  only at flame out with some Vienna and biscuit 1 to 2% of each in the mash and  Idaho7 and calypso D/H  but 25 g of each for 

24L  on kegging a hydro reading so so balanced yummo think i got it all right here  2 weeks in

the keg and then we will see cheers


such little additions and so different taste



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On 5/22/2022 at 12:38 PM, Shamus O'Sean said:

Why not 2 days?

well 2weeks went fast  2 days hahahahhaha  forced carbed nice smooth balanced and hazy azzz which is  what i wanted with heap less flaked additions smooth and easy as to drink at 5.5% abv


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