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Over carbonation by warm weather

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2 hours ago, mrchino73 said:

Bottled it last week and in 3 days the pet bottles neck seems very hard and tight!

One way of determining if the secondary fermentation is successfully taking place is that the neck of the PET bottle becomes hard. I wouldn't be letting any gas out of the bottle.

Put them in a box as a safety thing however if you move them so they are in "cooler place" they should be fine.

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6 minutes ago, DavidM said:

Put a few in the Fridge, wait a day and try one

If they are not ready you will know straight away and you have only lost a few.

If they're not ready, you simply put them back on the shelf and let the yeast continue. It'll take a little extra time but should be fine. If there is food, the yeast will wake up again. If that wasn't the case, you couldn't successfully bottle condition after a cold crash. 


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On 1/14/2022 at 2:46 PM, Mark the sipper said:

Today the bottles started exploding. Cut my leg a bit. These where coopers Irish stout 4 months old. Originally fine not over carbed. Bloody warm shed IMO. Got em out of shed and they are popping. What the!!!

Happened to me many years ago. Was a coopers stout stored in a tin shed loft. Must have been close to 50c up there. Lol. Lost about half the brew.  BTW dont hose then to cool them down, only makes it worse because the bottles shrink. Lol. It was a huge mess.

IMO its stout that is most likely to do this and pressure can increase over about 6 months. 

If you open them you will lose all the beer. 

I store all mine is a wooden wardrobe. In a tin garage. It provides a small amount of insulation against the heat. The back is covered in a low grade insulation. Perhaps helps a bit.

Naturaly ensure all fermentation is complete before bottling. 

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