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Xmas. What did you get?


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New phone.  Check out the improvement in quality of some of my recent photos.

Son made sure I had no idea by handing me the sh1t presents to open first.  To be honest, I was happy with the new jocks and sox and a couple of cans of beer.  I prefer to get good value presents, from people who know me well, and who know that I will appreciate them.

Still, I was a bit floored by the unexpected phone.  Timing was good because my old phone was becoming an issue to charge (have to hold your tongue just right as you plug it in).  Fam was a bit worried as I had started to look at options for getting a new one.  Luckily, I did not take matters into my own hands.

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1 hour ago, PintsAtMeLocal said:

Feeling a lot better thanks mate. Taking aLL kinds of boosters vit c etc. Enjoying my pints and resting as much as possible. Fatigue and aches mainly 

Fatigue & aches sounds like moronic variant - hope so because you pretty much need to have comorbities to get anthing serious from that version.

Vitamin D, zinc sulphate regularly. Vit C & E are of benefit too to support your immune system. Hopefully you're already better.

With luck you'll be up and rareing to go in time for NYE and start 2022 immune to the bloody thing! 😄

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21 minutes ago, Red devil 44 said:

Some more goodies for Xmas from my lovely wife, she’s a champion. 
Just getting around to posting them now. 


she might be the best ever wife, but she knows how to pick a bad engraver mate,

it should have said ozdevil best brewer   😛😀

Seriously though nice glasses mate

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