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Logical logistics?


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16 hours ago, terminal2k said:

assume someone dropped it at some point (there was a big split along one side of the bottom of the box) and that nobody wanted to pick it up after that. All 6 cans are dented and the LDM is all squashed. No burst bags tho.


15 hours ago, Pickles Jones said:

Had the same thing the box was plastered in Heavy stickers from Coopers, the courier got to the front door ran out of puff and dropped the whole lot. Six out of Seven cans were dented.

Maybe the PO guys are in training to go work luggage at the airports? 😄

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Australia Post  they are dumb pricks

My recent order from coopers   which has the ROTM and 1 fermenter  was sent from the warehouse of coopers at the same time

australia Post just delivered my coopers order   which had 2 items

My fermenter arrived  however my ROTM is still in transit waiting

you  would think common sense would be ship the 2 items on the same tracking number together
not Australia Post they still have to deliver item 2 which is the recipe of the Month..

it cant be effecient or cost saving having to send the same driver back again to deliver the 2nd item

but then again i am talking Australia Post  as they always find away to blame others except them selves

@Coopers DIY Beer Team  why you guys use this useless delivery service is beyond me as they have no idea on how to efficently
do anything   , you should e looking at other delivery services that are responsibile and know how to deliver goods
Australia Post are a poor excuse of a company  , that not only letting your members down but providing a poor service to you guys as well

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1 hour ago, terminal2k said:

whilst australia post are fairly useless, they're still better than most of the other delivery services I've come across. 

i'm glad you enjoy the services of Australia post/Star track

i have had great delivery services from other delivery services  that also put the same messaging up on their sites as Aust post has
yet they still  deliver in a timely manor and dont give your goods a holiday around the country

Aust Post dont take responsibility of there poor services and they think we have to suck it up

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1 hour ago, Journeyman said:

I've had pretty good experiences with other courier companies - deliver to the door in a few days from Sydney, for example.

When I was sending & receiving Stubby Holders etc all over Australia I quite often got next day delivery from capital centres, the minute Auspost are involved - forget it, whole new ball game, 1 week, 2 weeks it just goes on ... 😬

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On 10/14/2021 at 1:16 PM, Thirsty Jim said:

I managed to capsize McDingface before I even put her in the water.  

Sounds like you need to find your sea legs there Jim.  If you like calamari and Flathead you are in the right area for a close to shore fishing trip.  Buy a little bit of fishing gear, a couple squid jigs etc. and we will organize a day on the bay.  I will bring my boat and can show you how to catch a feed if you like.  If you need any tips on what gear to buy just yell OK.

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