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Just for absolutely no reason I was wondering how many of you guys & girls ever wondered what each of us looked like. In other words put your face to your name.

I have met up with a couple of forum members socially a few times, but due to the wide spread membership, we would expect only ever actually get to meet a few in a lifetime.

I have attached a photo of myself taken with a couple of fillys I met at the Melbourne Cup a couple of years ago, beats me why they would want to hang out with an old dude but hey someone has to buy drinks !

They turned out to be models & no I am not married.

Lets see how many of you give us a butchers at your dial.

Cheers Phil


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You sure it was Flemington Phil?  Cannot remember seeing that mountain range in the background so close when last I was there.  Not that I was perving on the ranges too much. 🤣

Nice Filly's by the way (yes pun intended).

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No mate it was Morphettville Racecourse, Anzac Highway in Adelaide, if you squint you might see the Adelaide Hills in the background.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 it was pretty much a non event last year. I live within walking distance so no stress to get over there without the Filth/Adi etc.

Always good to catch up with the fairer sex. 😉  & a few grogs. Cheers.

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This is what 55 years of neglect and abuse has done to that little, cherubic face.

Even though I had a bowl haircut back then, I wish I had the option to do so again.


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1 hour ago, CLASSIC said:

You handsome devil Muzzy but where are the Filly's ?? 😜  Starting to think some of the others are too scared, too ugly, too pretty  etc ... ONLY JOKING !! 😄🍻

I don't have a sharp suit like your's to attract the girls, Phil. I have to rely on my wealth for that. I have no wealth. Hence, no fillies. 😄 

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12 minutes ago, Pale Man said:

Know you from the old fishsa mate. When Tom Prozac was Admin. Remember Ozzy, Gaffa. I was Gardy back then. I think i got banned 20 times.

I can't hide from anyone can i  🤣  i do remember you Pale Man 

I am still good mates with Ozzy, we just havent seen each other for awhile He doesnt live to far from me 
he just lives just outside of Geelong  and not to far from the waters edge and still cant get out fishing lol
where i  am probably a 50 minute drive from his house and no where near the water.

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