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Mangrove jacks Elderflower and Lime Cider


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Just take note of how much sweetener you use and adjust next batch to fit your taste more. I think the whole satchet of sweetener is too much, like rekordlik cider sweet. 

I don't do anything special with these but I am sure others add to it, I just don't think these kits need much. Great cider every time I have ever used them.

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Hi JB852,

Welcome to the forum.  +1 to what Norris said.  I use either half the sweetener or go without.  It depends on how sweet you like your cider.

I have done number of the Mangrove Jacks cider and my favourite is the Strawberry and Pear cider.  My tip is that instead of adding only sugar, try to substitute with some actual juice.  With the Elderflower and Lime, I think the base is apple.  So if you can get some apple juice (from the supermarket) to add, then this will help with the flavour.  I normally add 2-3 litres and reduce the amount of brewing sugar to add.  Make sure the apple juice does not have preservatives.  

Generally, I find that cider tastes better after 2 months in the bottle.  It still tastes good after 1 month, but a little watered down.  If wait longer the flavour comes through more. 

Enjoy!  Cheers,


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