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Is this malt ok?


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Hi all

I’ve just been given this malt by my local craft brewer where I live in a small town in Japan.

I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying, but it sounded like I can just use this malt as is?

I’m worried those husks will ruin the beer, but it sounded like he said they would dissolve or something... maybe that’s the case for his operation but I just use the standard coopers kit...

I guess it will all just settle into the gunk in the bottom and be fine?



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To use it you need to mash it. That means holding it around (say) 67° for 30 minutes or more. You can use higher or lower temps as they do different things re getting the malt ready to use. 

Then you have to boil the liquid - strain the malt out - most of us have it in a grain bag, like fine mesh cheesecloth or similar. So you take out the bag, pour some slightly hotter water through it (say 80°C) to get the rest of the goodies from the malt, add that to the pot and boil it for up to an hour.

THEN you can use the liquid in your fermenter. It will ad body and subtle flavours to your extract beer.

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8 hours ago, KristianL1 said:

Thanks guys – I might pass it back and just try to find some dried fermentable malt and dextrose for now...

You can steep the grains and filter then out and pour the wort into the fermenter with the can it is a called a partial mash brew. You would hold the temp between 65c and 68c for 30 to 60 minutes but if you don't know what it is, I would pass it back and get extract. Maybe take a picture in of it to show him or look up the translation for dry malt extract in Japanese. 

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Thanks Norris – I've just taken it back and he's pointed me to a home brew site which sells maltose and corn sugar (dextrose?).

I'm thinking of trying 1kg of maltose + 500g of dextrose with a Morgan's Amber Ale can...

Does that sound ok?

I've never used maltose before, I usually use 500g-1kg of LDM + 500g dextrose. 

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